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Jan 16 2022



PRISTINA - The change of command ceremony for Regional Command West (RC-W) took place at Camp Villagio Italia .

RC-W is the NATO KFOR multinational unit , commanded by Italian Army Officer, responsible for the western sector of Kosovo.

The outgoing Italian contingent, based on the 185th Folgore Regiment, was rotated by the Field Artillery Regiment "a Cavallo" from of the Italian Pozzuolo del Friuli Brigade.

The ceremony marks the passing of responsibility ,after six months of mandate, between Col. Andrea Bertazzo and Col. Marco Javarone, who takes over the leadership of RC-W.

Brigadier General Luca Piperni, Deputy Commander of KFOR presided over the passage of the NATO flag, and during the ceremony he highlighted how "KFOR, and all of it units, represents a success for NATO in the peace support operations, considering the current security climate in which various communities of Kosovo can live and it underlines how teamwork and cohesion are the core for the success of the NATO KFOR mission, RC-W has done an excellent work to maintain this situation ".

The Italian ambassador in Kosovo, Dr. Antonello De Riu, appreciated the commendable results achieved by RC-W and during his speech he underlining the delicacy of the work carried out by the Italian paratroopers of the Folgore Brigade, their everyday work was appreciated by local institutions and by the Kosovar population.


Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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