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Feb 24 2022


PRISTINA - KFOR and the National Blood Transfusion Centre of Kosovo (NBTCK) organized and hosted a blood donation day in Camp Film City on the 24th of February 2022

Over 170 KFOR military and civilian personnel from 15 different nations voluntarily donated blood to support, through the National Blood Transfusion Center, the people of Kosovo that are in need of blood transfusion to cure a variety of life threatening diseases.

The donations are deposited in the NBTCK in Pristina and the blood can be redistributed to any national medical facilities in need and to several International Organizations located all over Kosovo.

The initiative was supported by the COM KFOR, Maj. Gen. Ferenc Kajari and Dr. Rifat Latifi, both present during the event. The initiative underscores the widespread awareness among KFOR personnel of how donating blood is a great act and it demonstrates that solidarity overcomes any differences one may have due to ethnicity or belief.

KFOR soldiers provide a safe environment and freedom of movement in Kosovo but, at the same time, they have always supported the civilian population and in particular those most in need. Donating blood is a voluntary, personal and strong gesture of altruism that demonstrate KFOR member's dedication to support the population of Kosovo even beyond the call of duty.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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