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Sep 23 2021

Silver Sabre exercise

PRISTINA - The NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR) - in cooperation with the Kosovar security institutions – carried out the 2021 edition of its annual "Silver Sabre" exercise in the Gjakova/ Đakovica air field training area and in the Erniku factory.

The exercise featured a large-scale emergency response operation, where representatives of the Kosovo Police, Red Cross, Kosovo Security Forces, Emergency Management Agency and Gjakova/ Đakovica municipality have been tested - with support from KFOR personnel - in their efforts to save lives, alleviate the distress of the local population affected by the natural disaster, maintain security, preserve the running of essential services, and prepare for the restoration of the normal situation.

KFOR has been involved in the Silver Sabre exercises series since 2012, with the aim of training the Kosovar Security Organizations and help them develop the capacity necessary to tackle natural emergencies.

"Important progress has been made in recent years and today the Kosovo security organizations, in close coordination with KFOR, have shown their planning, coordination and execution capabilities," said Brigadier General Günter Schöpf, Director of the exercise.

Silver Sabre exercise reflects NATO-led KFOR mission's long-standing commitment to contribute to a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for the benefit of all communities living in Kosovo, in close cooperation with the local institutions, and security organizations, as mandate by the UNSC Resolution 1244 of the 1999.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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