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Jul 11 2021

Regional Command East - Transfer of Authority


CAMP BONDSTEEL, Kosovo — Major General Franco Federici, commander of KFOR, presided over the transfer of authority ceremony for Regional Command – East held at Camp Bondsteel on Sunday, July 11.

Colonel Derek Adams, out-going commander, transferred command authority to Colonel Brey Hopkins, the new Commander for RC-East.

Colonel Hopkins commands the 86th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Mountain), a U.S. Army National Guard unit headquartered in Jericho, Vt. The 86th IBCT (MTN) has trained for over a year preparing for the KFOR mission in Vermont. Training exercises at Fort McGregor, New Mexico and Camp Albertshof, Germany, provided Soldiers unique opportunities to better understand the operational environment.

"This brigade, the new RC-East, we look forward to our time here. We look forward to our mission, and Sir [Maj. Gen. Federici] you can count on us," said Col. Hopkins, during his speech.

The 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division will leave Kosovo and return home to multiple locations throughout the U.S. Midwest. During his closing comments, Col. Adams said, "I want to sincerely thank Ambassador Kosnett, the U.S. country team, and Maj. Gen. Federici for your good leadership, direction and guidance. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the Soldiers of Regional Command East for all your hard work during our time here."

KFOR 29 is comprised of U.S. Army Soldiers, NATO allies and multinational partners conducting peace support operations in Kosovo with the intent of continuing a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all the people of Kosovo.

Story by KFOR - Regional Command East, Public Affairs Office

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