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Sep 3 2021

MSU delivered packages in North Mitrovica

PRISTINA - The Commander of KFOR's Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU), Colonel Stefano FEDELE, and the Mayor of Mitrovica North, Mr. Milan RADOJEVIC, delivered several packages to pupils and their families living in North Mitrovica.

The donation of food, clothes, toys and cleaning products took place in order to assist families in the North Mitrovica Municipality, as children prepare to return back to school soon.

Colonel FEDELE stated that KFOR and the MSU are "always on the frontline, whenever people need help" and that "these forms of cooperation will be re-arranged in the future". Mr. RADOJEVIC also thanked the MSU for their support, wishing to continue with similar deeds in the future.

The KFOR Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU) is comprised of Carabinieri, an Italian gendarmerie force which conducts policing and Crowd Riot Control tasks in Kosovo. Additionally they operate regular vehicle and foot patrols throughout Kosovo and provide a 24/7 presence on the Ibar Bridge in Mitrovica.

CIMIC teams are established in all KFOR sub-units with the aim of assessing the needs of the communities living in Kosovo, in close coordination with the local authorities, providing aid to those who need it most.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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