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Jun 25 2021

Mascal Exercise

PRISTINA - KFOR Headquarters Support Group units conducted a "Mass Casualty" Exercise in Camp Film City. An unexpected development of a fire and the subsequently collapse of a building was the exercise's scenario.

A team of the KFOR Military Police, the camp guards, the firefighters and two medical units, have took part in the drill. The various rescue teams worked under the Camp Safety Officer close coordination who directed the operations being on the spot.

Training activities are vital for the KFOR unit's safety; performing these exercises allows all participating personnel to improve their ability to intervene adequately in dealing with dangerous situations by applying the procedures provided. Adopting standard methods, having good communication and maintaining coordination between on the spot engaged units are the key factors in saving lives.

A final debriefing to collect the first evaluations was held at the end of the drill.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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