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Aug 3 2021

Latvian Soldiers helped smothering a fire at a local farm

Kosovo Firefighters, Kosovo Police Officers and the Latvian Soldiers

PRISTINA - A unit of Latvian soldiers belonging to the NATO-led Kosovo Force Regional Command East was passed on the road by a Kosovo fire-response vehicle engaged in tackling a controlled burn at a local farm that had grown beyond containment.

The group decided to offer their assistance. OR-3 Latis Belovs of the Land Force Mechanized Infantry Brigade, 1st Mechanized Infantry Battalion, 2nd Mechanized Company of the Latvian Armed Forces, said: "We looked at each other and decided to stop. I think that every Latvian soldier would do this." 

First responders and civilians welcomed the assistance provided. Shovels and various tools were used to smother the fire. Despite the flames and smoke, the combined group of Soldiers, emergency responders, and civilians accomplished the task quickly. OR-3 Belovs recalls: "We took our shovels and started to hit the fire. Some of our guys helped with the water tube. In thirty minutes, it was done." The farmer thanked the Latvian Soldiers for their assistance.

Although this Latvian unit is not specifically trained to fight fires, they showed that they are comfortable to do so. The 2nd Mechanized Company (WOLF COY) is a component of the Kosovo Force Regional Command East Maneuver battalion. Their mission entails both independent and joint patrols, quick-reaction force response, air operations and crowd and riot control.

KFOR RC-E is committed to working with the Institutions in Kosovo, in accordance with the mandate derived from the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999 to ensure a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all communities living in Kosovo. 

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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