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Aug 17 2021

KFOR hosted the UNHCR's head of mission in Kosovo


PRISTINA - KFOR Commander, Major General Franco Federici, has welcomed the head of mission and the Protection Officer of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) for Kosovo, Mr. Erol Arduc and Ms. Merita Ahma. On this occasion the two UNHCR leaders presented to KFOR the key elements of the tasks, projects and future developments of their organization.

The event was also an opportunity for all attendees to improve their knowledge on the activities carried out in Kosovo by the respective organizations, and to better understand the shared elements that the two international missions have in common under the mandate of the UNSC Resolution 1244, in order to find space for joint activities and laying the foundations for durable solutions.

KFOR is not only carrying out typical military activities. Many projects have been and will be implemented to support all communities living in Kosovo in an impartial way by facilitating the proposals' implementation of the local institutions and international organizations, especially supporting those that take care of the weakest parts of the society and those promoting education and interethnic coexistence.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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