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Aug 2 2021

KFOR Assists Local Firefighting Efforts


PRISTINA - KFOR helicopters have been engaged on in extinguishing a vast fire developed in a mountain resort in western Kosovo in Rugova area. 

The institution in Kosovo requested KFOR support to the local fire brigade to block the flames that developed in a particularly inaccessible area impossible to reach with the means supplied to the Kosovar unit. KFOR Deputy Commander, Brigadier General Günter SCHÖPF, after evaluating the impact of the intervention on the mission and also the gravity of the possible spreading of the fire, decided to carry out the mission and two helicopters, provided by the KFOR Regional Command East, equipped to collect water and discharge it directly onto the flames, have provided immediate intervention.

KFOR has been in Kosovo since 1999, to guarantee the safety and freedom of movement to all communities in Kosovo in accordance with the UN Resolution 1244.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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