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Jun 14 2021

KFOR and Kosovo Police conducted the "Swift Rescue" Exercise

PRISTINA - KFOR and Kosovo Police conducted the "Swift Rescue" Exercise at Gjakova/Djakovica airfield. The aim of the exercise was to test and strengthen the technical tactical procedures to intervene into security crises in accordance with the three layers of security response, actually implemented in Kosovo.

According to the exercise scenario, Kosovo Police intervenes to calm down a riot in the vicinity of a KFOR LMT field house. Because the situation started getting worst, KP asked for the second responder intervention, and then KFOR had been called to intervene as third responder, with kinetic assets belonging from Regional Command West and East, and Kosovo Tactical Reserve Battalion.

KFOR deployed also its Freedom of Movement detachment, to remove the road blocks that the opposite forces had built up, in order to keep freedom of movement granted.

Also the KFOR Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Battalion deployed its specialist assets, in order to maintain a timely situational awareness, to facilitate and make more effective the action of the people on the spot.

Furthermore, a huge part of the exercise concerned also the treatment of wounded, activities carried out by KFOR qualified personnel, using realistic first aid procedures, even the wounded evacuation by helicopter, thanks to KFOR air mobility.

Realistic training is essential to face every kind of challenges, and perform joint training activities with Kosovo Police and with KFOR soldiers belonging from several Nations is the right way to progress as one.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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