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Jul 12 2021

Greek Contingent's Change of Command ceremony

PRISTINA - At the presence of several distinguished guests, the Greek contingent Change of Command ceremony and the medal parade took place at KFOR HQ in Pristina.

KFOR Chief of Staff, Brigadier General John MAIER, presided over the ceremony and addressing the soldiers presented, he expressed his and the entire HQs personnel's, great appreciation for the commitment provided by the Greek soldiers in ensuring the KFOR base's protection.

The Change of Command ceremony represents the formal and symbolic transfer of the authority and commanding responsibility of the unit. Traditionally it takes place through the passage of the Unit's flag from the hands of the outgoing Commander to the incoming one; in this way it is guaranteed that the Unit's soldiers are not left without the committed leadership.

The ceremony ended by the Medal Parade during which the Greek soldiers were awarded by the NATO Balkan medal for having completed their six months commitment in KFOR.

KFOR is NATO's longest-running operation and it represents a success story for the Alliance and its partners.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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