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Jun 11 2021

Domestic Violence discussed in KFOR HQ

PRISTINA - COMKFOR, Major General Franco Federici, welcomed Dr. Nita SHALA in her capacity of the National Coordinator on Domestic Violence for institution in Kosovo, in Camp Film City.

Initially Dr. SHALA explained the Commander the current situation of the legal framework concerning domestic violence and afterwards, General Federici, in this regard emphasized the KFOR's past and future commitment in supporting Institutions in Kosovo in fighting the domestic violence in the society. Furthermore General Federici mentioned KFOR cooperation among several organizations operating in Kosovo such as the OSCE and Kosovo Police which is valuable and fruitful for all communities.

After the meeting General Federici and Dr. Nita SHALA visited Camp Film City base and she had the opportunity to stop at Radio K4 and the broadcasting center.

Before leaving the base, Dr. SHALA gave an interview for Radio K4 focused in addressing the importance of creating awareness among the population on the domestic violence phenomenon and encouraging people living in Kosovo to report any kind of incidents to the Kosovo Police.

The meeting was arranged by the KFOR Gender Advisor Office that is in KFOR to ensure that KFOR's operations take into account the security concerns of not only men, but women, boys, and girls as well. These groups are sometimes overlooked and since part of KFOR's mandate is to contribute to a safe and secure environment for all citizens in Kosovo, KFOR needs to be aware of their security concerns. Finally, a gender perspective helps KFOR to get closer to the center of gravity and to have a clearer picture of how KFOR's operations will affect society. Thus, KFOR operations can be more focused and effective.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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