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May 18 2021

COMKFOR talked to the students of the University of Pristina

PRISTINA - The Office of the Gender Advisor to KFOR Commander arranged a visit to the Pristina University for the benefit of Major General Franco Federici who had the opportunity to speak on KFOR’s mission and its role, with the students of the Department of Journalism during an online video conference. 

COMKFOR placed high emphasis on the importance of the media and principally of the social media in spreading information. The importance of blaming and denouncing the domestic violence episodes have been also highlighted. The students had the chance to interact with KFOR Commander asking interesting questions about KFOR cooperation with the institutions in Kosovo and the activities carried out by KFOR soldiers on the ground. 

The occasion was favorable to highlight the daily activities in close contact with the local population carried out by the KFOR Liaison Monitoring Teams. “Those actions are necessary to provide the Commander with the pulse of the situation and convene the needs of the local communities”, General Federici said.

Major General Federici concluded his dialogue encouraging the young students to be part of the society and engage themselves to overcome historical disagreements and then, move into the future together.

Dr. Milote Sadiku, vice director for international cooperation and quality assurance and Dr. Remize Shahini-Hoxhaj, from the department of journalism and Director of the Media institute, during a guided tour inside the university, explained to KFOR Commander the broadcasting equipment and the recording studio that are used by the students during their lessons.

A further cooperation with the Department of Journalism and KFOR was also examined.

NATO-led KFOR provides a safe and secure environment, and guarantees freedom of movement for the benefit of all communities in Kosovo, as mandated by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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