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Jun 5 2020


PRISTINA - The Polish Military Contingent operating with KFOR is conducting a wide spectrum of activities to contribute to a safe and secure environment in its area of responsibility, which ranges from Strpce in the south to Mitrovica in the north. Polish Soldiers are part of the Multinational Manoeuvre Battalion of the US-led Regional Command East and form one of the largest contingents of the NATO mission in Kosovo. Units have experienced deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan and display a high level of readiness and flexibility.

In their last days of duty, before the arrival of the 42nd rotation from Poland, the men and women of the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade performed patrols as usual and also provided a contribution to the response to Covid-19 by the Health Institutions in Kosovo. The 25th Air Cavalry Brigade from Tomaszów Mazowiecki, is an airmobile element of the quick reaction force of the Polish Armed Forces, and is trained for both air assault and airborne operations.

Their renowned flexibility fit perfectly into the daily activities and operations of KFOR, whose activities have not been undermined by Covid-19. Poland is also manning the Liaison and Monitoring Team based in Strepce that played a major role in the delivery of personal protection equipment to the local medical center, as part of an overall donation of 50,000 face-masks and 1,000 liters of disinfectant by the President of Poland to the Ministry of Health of Kosovo that were transported at the end of May with a C-295M Casa transport aircraft of the Polish Air Force.

The Polish team of KFOR easily liaised with Strepce’s community thanks to the long standing cooperation established with the southern municipality, which features a high degree of coexistence as it is inhabited by 9,000 Kosovo Serbs and 4,600 Kosovo Albanians.

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