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Apr 13 2020

Surveillance of Decane Orthodox Monastery by KFOR Regional Command West Soldiers goes on, with preventive measures against COVID19.

PRISTINA - Italian soldiers relieve their Slovenian comrades at the guard posts. KFOR is in charge of the security of one major heritage site in Kosovo.

Over the last three days, Regional Command West performed dozens of patrols and liaison and monitoring activities in the western region of Kosovo with its Italian Company, whilst Austrian and Slovenian soldiers were respectively training and on duty at the Monastery of Decane, where KFOR acts as the first responder. The Monastery is the last heritage site in Kosovo still guarded by KFOR, while other sites are under the
responsibility of the Kosovo Police or not guarded at all.

“KFOR’s mission in accordance with UNSCR 1244 mandate continues amidst the COVID-19 emergency with the adoption of preventive measures to protect soldiers and citizens”, said Colonel Natale Gatti – KFOR Regional Command West Commander - “and we are contributing to safety and security for all communities in our area of operations, in close coordination with the Institutions in Kosovo”.

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