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May 16 2020


PRISTINA- Personnel from KFOR’s US-led Regional Command East assisted the Red Cross of Kosovo with a delivery of flour and disinfectant materials to local communities.

A total of eight tons of flour and disinfectant alcohol were distributed to a primary school in Suvi Do-Suhadolli, a medical clinic in Ugljare-Uglar, and a Red Cross facility in Gracanica-Gracanice.

The request was received by the Greek Liaison and Monitoring Team, which acted quickly to coordinate the delivery. KFOR RC-E combined the efforts of its Manoeuvre Battalion and Liaison Monitoring Teams – including the Slovenian one - to accomplish the request by the Red Cross. LMTs interact with community leaders throughout Kosovo regularly to ensure the safety and security of community members and foster positive relationships between Kosovo communities and the NATO-led operation.

KFOR RC-E troops are continuing their operations amidst COVID-19 whilst adopting all preventive measures to protect its personnel and the citizens of Kosovo. “We are happy to help with the delivery of these needed supplies. Regional Command East’s primary mission is to contribute to the safety and security of the area and to freedom of movement for all citizens of Kosovo in accordance with KFOR’s UN-mandate, but it’s an honor to help the Institutions in Kosovo during these challenging times”, said US Army Colonel Eric Riley, RC-E commander.

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