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Oct 7 2020


PRISTINA - Explosive ordnance disposal Soldiers from Kosovo Force Regional Command-East and Kosovo Security Forces (KSF) conducted joint demolition operations and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) certification for eight cadets on Harilaq Demolition Range outside of Pristina.

KFOR Regional Command-East’s Task Force EOD provided assistance and oversight for the KSF-led demolition and certification.

Certification and demolition are being run autonomously by KSF, however it is still the mandate of KFOR to remove unexploded ordnance from Kosovo.

Under the supervision of highly-experienced instructors, KSF EOD cadets disposed of 16 unexploded ordnance munitions ranging from hand grenades to mortar rounds, remnants from past conflicts in the region.

EOD certifications are functional for KSF in order to grow their specific capabilities.

Kosovo Security Forces EOD instructor 1st Lt. Petrit Loxha said “This gives [the cadets] more experience and gives them the confidence to perform demolition.”

During the 27th rotation of Regional Command-East, KSF and KFOR RC-E responded to over 90 unexploded ordnance calls and conducted three joint demolitions. KSF EOD serves as the primary response for unexploded ordnance throughout Kosovo.

Story by KFOR Public Affairs Office

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