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Apr 21 2020



PRISTINA - From the beginning of the official appearance of the COVID19 pandemic in Kosovo, Radio K4 is conducting an intensive information campaign to advise communities in Kosovo in the fastest and most accurate way about prudent measures to counter the virus, in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Through its media platforms Radio K4 is consistently providing its audience with info and suggestions on how to spend time at home doing physical training, reading or listening music, advising how to counter mental stress and remain calm.

During the evening live show, broadcasters can present questions related to prevention of COVID19, while listeners can write messages and share their thoughts.

Kosovo Albanian and Serbian VIPs have joined the campaign by sending video messages to Radio K4 website and Facebook account, to convey the slogan "stay at home" by showing how they are behaving at the time of pandemic.

Radio K4 has never stopped broadcasting since 21 years with the sole propose of providing listeners with positivity and accurate information and continues to do it during the COVID19 pandemic too, giving also account that all KFOR units are continuing their activities whilst taking preventative measures to protect soldiers and the population of Kosovo.

KFOR’s ability to conduct operations to contribute to the safety and security of all communities in Kosovo has actually not been undermined and its crucial work goes on, under the mandate provided by the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 of 1999.

The radio station programmes began in 1999 in the aftermath of the conflict in Kosovo to provide timely and impartial information to population about KFOR and security issues, in the Albanian and Serbian languages, along with music programs.

Today Radio K4 broadcasts live throughout Kosovo in both Albanian and Serbian radio stations 14h per day on several frequencies, starting at 08:00 in the morning and finishing with the evening show at 22:00. The schedule is completed with the pre-recorded special shows and music provided by famous International DJ’s.

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