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Jan 23 2020

KFOR adopts new criteria for ‘Silver Sabre 2020’

PRISTINA- The policy meeting of the ‘Silver Sabre 2020’ disaster relief exercise took place today in Pristina, at the Headquarters of the KFOR. The exercise is scheduled for September 2020.

Today’s meeting was attended by the Minister of Defense, the Secretary of the Kosovo Security Council and by high-level representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the Directorate of Intelligence and Security, the Kosovo Emergency Management Agency, Kosovo Police and Security Forces, along with the Commander of KFOR, Major General Michele Risi and the Director of the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team, Brigadier General Michael Oberneyer.
“For KFOR, the objective for Silver Sabre 2020 is to train, advise and mentor the security institutions in Kosovo, hence enabling them to design, plan and conduct a disaster response operation in Kosovo, based on NATO standards”, Major General Risi said.

One of the joint exercise main features will be “interoperability”. Given the complexity of crisis management key to success is the ability to working together to become functionally interoperable, by adopting a common understanding and a common language among partners.

Compared with previous editions, ‘Silver Sabre 2020’ will be performed at a higher level of integration and complexity. The exercise will be directed by Brigadier General Laurent Michaud, KFOR Deputy Commander. The first half of the year will focus on planning procedures through a standardized method used by most international organizations.

‘Silver Sabre’ reflects KFOR’s long-standing mission – under a UN mandate - to contribute to a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement, for the benefit of all communities in Kosovo.

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