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Jan 14 2020

First Civil and Military Cooperation Conference in KFOR HQ

PRISTINA, Kosovo – Experts of Civil and Military Cooperation (CIMIC) met at the Headquarters of KFOR, Camp Film City.
The purpose of the conference, organized and hosted by KFOR, was to facilitate and coordinate relationships between International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and KFOR, to improve the social and economic development of Kosovo.

In his opening remarks, KFOR Commander, Major General Michele RISI underlined how “development and security are the two faces of the same coin”.

Through the implementation of civil-military cooperation projects, assistance and donations, KFOR contributes to the overall international effort aimed at supporting institutions and communities of Kosovo, with special focus in education and Health. 

In 2019 KFOR and troops contributing nations allocated a budget of 370,000€ in 140 assistance initiatives.

KFOR continues to support the development of a stable and peaceful Kosovo, performing its mission to ensure a better future. For this reason, through CIMIC projects and donation, KFOR will continue to dedicate its efforts in supporting any initiative that might improve the future of the population, with a special eye for the youngest generation.


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