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Feb 18 2020

Crowd and Riot Control exercise

Pristina - KFOR Joint Logistics Support Group, in coordination with the Hungarian Kosovo Force Tactical Reserve Battalion, conducted a dynamic and realistic freedom of movement and crowd riot control exercise, incorporating a wide range of soldiers and military assets from different contributing nations. 

The exercise took place at Camp Novo Selo and was initiated with a ‘table-top’ map exercise, briefing and ground orientation for all on scene commanders. Then, as part of the exercise scenario, a large convoy of military vehicles and personnel were restricted movement due to a number of well-placed obstacles along their route. 

As an immediate response, Austrian Explosive Ordnance Demolition experts carefully and tactically examined the road block for any further threat, including the possibility of improvised explosive devices. Once the obstacles were deemed safe, the Italian ‘Leopard Rescue’ armored vehicle breached the road block with speed and force, forcing the obstacles to one side, retaining freedom of movement and allowing the convoy to proceed. 

Soon afterwards, the convoy again encountered strong opposition from the exercise opposition force acting as rioters, throwing heavy objects and ‘flash bangs’ against the KFOR troops. In response, the Hungarian Kosovo Force Tactical Reserve Battalion and soldiers from the Polish contingent, supported by snipers providing flank security, were quickly deployed in a crowd riot control capacity and effectively dispersed the rioters, but not after exercising several casualty evacuations from the scene; all in a day’s work for the KFOR soldiers. 

The NATO-led Force continues to maintain its capabilities and readiness as an effective and credible deterrent force through such exercises, including interoperability between KFOR contributing nations in order to continue to support the safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all the people of Kosovo.


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