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Apr 4 2020

Explosive Ordnance Disposal team responded to Kosovo Police reports

PRISTINA - KFOR Regional-Command East Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team responded to Kosovo Police reports of multiple unexploded ordnances reported by community members in separate locations in northern Kosovo.

“Kosovo Police secured each scene while RC-E’s EOD team members safely disposed of the UXO at each location”, said Staff Sgt. Zachary Valentine, an RC-E EOD team leader.

“We maintain a good working relationship with the Kosovo Security Organizations,” stated Valentine. “We have worked together on multiple occasions and continue to cooperate in ensuring a safe and security environment and freedom of movement for all communities of Kosovo.”

According to EOD safety procedures, whenever EOD assets are required to make an intervention, if an element of explosive ordnance cannot be moved, it is normally disposed of on site. This type of operation requires a lot of effort and coordination in ensuring maximum safety for both the EOD operators and for people and property. If the Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO) or the Abandoned Explosive Ordnance (AXO) can be safely moved, the EOD teams transport it and finally destroy it in a safe place.

EOD units are valuable KFOR assets, whose main mission is to reduce the threat posed by the presence of any Unexploded Explosive Ordnance in support of the Kosovo Police and Kosovo Security Forces.

The teams use a variety of electronic devices and when necessary they resort to the help of dog assets (called K9) for exhaustive check. Search dogs are very well trained and able to cover areas not easily accessible by machinery or equipment.

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