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ROLE 1 - KFOR’s primary medical care

Meet the staff of our ROLE 1 medical care facility in Camp Film City!

The medical team, consisting of doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants, is always prepared to provide medical care to all KFOR military and civilian personnel.

ROLE 1 is a type of medical care facility located in each KFOR camp. When care complexity exceeds a camp’s ROLE 1 capabilities, the patient has to be transported to a higher level health facility.

Primary medical treatments, vaccination, emergency care, mass casualty response and First Aid training are some of the competencies that KFOR ROLE 1 can implement in their daily routine. Furthermore, they are involved in all training and exercises conducted by KFOR personnel. Their participation is not only in order to support KFOR units but they are an active part of the exercise.

They are trained to intervene in difficult situations with the purpose of rigorously testing their readiness and capabilities because that can make the difference between life and death for an individual following a serious health issue.

Regarding specialty medical care, support is guaranteed through the private sector within the KFOR area of responsibility. The good relationship between KFOR and external facilities ensures full coverage across the medical spectrum.


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