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Foggo meets with Thaçi, Haradinaj and Jevtić

Pristina - Admiral James Foggo met with Mr. Hashim Thaçi, Mr. Ramush Haradinaj and Mr. Dalibor Jevtić today. The leaders discussed the current state of security in Kosovo, in the context of KFOR’s mission to provide a safe and secure environment plus freedom of movement for all people in Kosovo, under UN Security Council Resolution 1244.  

During the visit, Foggo discussed the issue of Kosovo’s plan to transition the Kosovo Security Force.  

Foggo reminded Mr. Thaci and Mr. Haradinaj that the Secretary General and the North Atlantic Council have consistently said that any change to the mandate of the KSF will mean that NATO will have to re-examine its level of engagement with the KSF. This work is under way now in Brussels.   

Foggo stated that he expects the transition of the KSF to be a progressive, transparent and inclusive effort that is closely coordinated with NATO and the international community. He reinforced the need for KSF activities to adhere to the limits set out in Mr. Thaçi’s 2013 letter in which he stated the KSF would not operate in northern Kosovo without prior concurrence by KFOR. 

Foggo underlined that all interested parties understand that the Kosovo Police Special Units is not part of KSF, and that Institutions in Kosovo must demonstrate the difference. Lastly, as KFOR nears its 20-year anniversary, Foggo said that KFOR intends to honour those NATO personnel who gave their lives in support of a safe and secure environment. Foggo commands NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command Naples, which oversees KFOR.  

NATO remains committed through KFOR to a safe and secure environment in Kosovo and to the stability in the wider Western Balkans.


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