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First aid course held in KFOR HQ

Pristina - Knowledge of first aid techniques should be an absolute necessity for everyone! This is the reason why KFOR personnel belonging to Joint Regional Detachment South East (JRDSE), with the assistance of KFOR medical assets, organised a course for two different NGOs, the "Center for Protection of Women and Children” who provide services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and "Handikos”, an organisation that supports and advocates for people with limited abilities.

The course offered the opportunity to learn how to intervene in case of an emergency due to illness, injury, accident or any other event that could require medical intervention, allowing the person involved to be helped immediately and giving time for professional assets to arrive on the spot.

During the class, the participants attended a theoretical explanation of how to deal with an emergency, assess and monitor a casualty, how and who to report the situation and how to intervene in different and unfamiliar situations. KFOR doctors and nurses designed the practical phase in order to train and support them in learning the basic techniques and use of equipment for different kinds of emergencies.

The activity gave them confidence in providing first aid, skills which are helpful in daily work and life that can truly contribute and make a difference in preventing the worst consequences during an emergency.


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