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Sep 30 2019


Pristina - KFOR in close cooperation with all the local institutions, NALT, EULEX, Kosovo Security Council, Emergency Management Agency, Kosovo Security Forces, Kosovo Police and NGO’s conducted Exercise Silver Sabre 2019– 2 in Camp Film City from the 19th to 27th of September 2019, under the guidance of KFOR Deputy Commander, Brigadier General Reinhard Ruckensthul.

The Silver Sabre exercise aim consisted in facilitating and familiarizing with large scale of incident management procedures, namely with the situation caused by natural disaster, in order to contribute the local capacity building and improve the level of coordination amongst all stakeholders in Kosovo.

The event is scheduled twice a year and provided all participating agencies to deal with disaster relief scenario as flooding, fires, heavy rain and air crash and in this context they had the opportunity to revise response documentation used during emergency situations, improve mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities on decision making and coordinating lines of efforts improving liaisons, communication and synchronization and interoperability between International Organizations and Institutions in Kosovo.


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