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Nov 28 2019

Donation to the Fire Brigade of North Mitrovica

The Fire Brigade of North Mitrovica received a donation by KFOR consisting of a set of equipment that will enhance their capabilities to provide security in their area of responsibility.

Protective gear, ladders, pipes, pumps and a chainsaw were handed-over by a KFOR team to the crew of North Mitrovica’s Fire Brigade, in support of their activities to protect the local population from fire and environmental hazards.

The project “Fire equipment” was developed by KFOR Civil-Military Cooperation Section in close coordination with KFOR Liaison and Mentoring Team K2 and the Mayor of North Mitrovica, and was implemented by KFOR Regional Command East.

The Minister of Local Government Administration Adrijana Hodzic - who attended the ceremony along with the Mayor of North Mitrovica Goran Rakic - thanked KFOR for the support given to all Municipalities and highlighted how “KFOR support is in harmony with the efforts in favor of the local Fire Brigade by the North Mitrovica Municipality”.

Mayor Rakic highly appreciated the donation and expressed his satisfaction saying that “the friendship and mutual respect is continuing” and that “this donation from KFOR will improve daily activities and working conditions of the fire brigade in North Mitrovica”.

KFOR is committed to security and stability in Kosovo and is assisting the capacity building of local security institutions through projects and donations that may improve the future of the population.


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