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Workshop on Religious Extremists and Foreign Fighters

KFOR organized a workshop with the aim to present different countries’ perceptions on Religious Extremists and Foreign Fighters, in Camp Film City.

KFOR Commander, Major General Salvatore CUOCI, hosted this important event to increase the focus towards those topics as they require proper understanding and assessment in order to develop an adequate strategy to tackle them.

KFOR Area of Operation’s neighboring Countries (Albania, FYROM, Montenegro) and local authorities attended this event, as a unique opportunity to increase common situational awareness and to discuss timing and format of possible future cooperation and meeting, assessing the possibility to open up participation to other regional countries.

Terrorism is a very complex phenomenon; there is no country that could define itself totally immune from it. Terrorist organizations usually recruit their followers where there are particular social and economic conditions such as poverty, marginalization and lack of future prospective and the Balkan region suffers from such socio-economic issues.

In addition, after the recent development of the situation in the Middle East region, terrorist groups are gradually losing control of key towns and areas with a consequence of increasing numbers of foreign fighters returning to their home countries.

Religious Extremist individuals and groups are planning and conducting terrorist attacks, posing a clear threat for everyone. KFOR, as General CUOCI stated, is strictly committed to ensure a safe and secure environment for all citizens in Kosovo in close cooperation with Institutions in Kosovo and the neighboring Countries.

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