The President of Italian Senate visited KFOR

May 1, 2018
KFOR Commander, General CUOCI received the visit of the President of Italian Senate, Mrs. Maria Elisabetta ALBERTI CASELLATI.

She expressed her deep appreciation for what Italian contingent is doing here in Kosovo, operating in close cooperation with International Community and Institutions in Kosovo to ensure a safe and secure environment to all citizens living in the region.

During the visit, the President of Senate met also Multinational Battle Group West personnel and Italian representatives working in International and Non-governmental Organizations.

General CUOCI thanked H.E. Mrs. Maria Elisabetta ALBERTI CASELLATI for visiting KFOR, ensuring his Enduring Commitment in performing the mission. The President of Senate wished all the best to General CUOCI thanking him for the great job that KFOR is doing in Kosovo.
The President of Italian Senate visited KFOR