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The Italian Minister of Defence visited KFOR

PRISTINA- KFOR Commander, Major General Salvatore CUOCI, received the visit of Her Excellency Senator Mrs. Roberta PINOTTI, Italian Minister of Defence.

The Minister of Defence underlined that KFOR is the mission in which Italian Armed Forces are involved since 1999 with a great contribution in terms of troops, capabilities and expertise. She expressed her deep appreciation for how Italian troops are performing their mission in Kosovo where all the Italian Armed Forces are involved, covering different key positions at KFOR HQ and Sub-Units too.

Major General CUOCI, gave a general overview about the situation in the region where, together with 28 NATO members and partners, International Community and Institutions in Kosovo, KFOR is operating to maintain a safe and secure environment and guarantee the freedom of movement in accordance with its mandate.

The Minister of Defence PINOTTI wished all the best to Major General CUOCI in achieving the mission and, on the other hand, KFOR Commander ensured "ENDURING COMMITMENT” as stated in his motto.

The Italian Minister of Defense, Mrs. Roberta PINOTTI, visited KFOR

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