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Statement on Current Situation

Pristina - Concerning the current situation in Mitrovica, KFOR informs that early this morning Kosovo Police conducted a police operation, following an arrest warrant issued by Pristina Court in relation to the investigation of Oliver Ivanović’s murder. Kosovo Police arrested four persons in North Mitrovica and then went back to their barracks.

There was no unlawful operation or military action and there has never been any threat to safety and security of the citizens. KFOR confirms that what happened was only a police operation and no Kosovo Security Force or any other military force was deployed to the North of Kosovo.

The situation remains stable and under control on the ground, although KFOR is aware that there are increasing tensions at political level due to some international and economic developments.

Because of the political sensitivity of the moment, Commander KFOR invites all the parties to deal with the disputes peacefully and responsibly, without the use of force or violence.

However KFOR continues monitoring the situation and maintains its presence on the ground, hopefully with no need to intervene.

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