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MASCAL training held in Camp Film City

Pristina - Today Camp Film City hosted the first mass casualties training of the new role two basic (R2B) medical health facility, inaugurated on 16th January 2018.

Mass Casualties Exercise, developed and executed in close coordination with KFOR personnel and Fire Fighters, has been perceived as an occasion to evaluate the capability to manage an overstressed emergency situation of Role Two personnel.

In the scenario, a series of simulated explosions caused several injuries in the dining facilities. After the intervention of firefighters, the patients, performed by KFOR soldiers, were transported inside the Role Two where the civilian staff started to take care of them depending on the seriousness of the injuries.

Realistic training activities are considered really important in order to develop the coordination measures, readiness and responsiveness needed to guarantee an effective intervention.

Mascal Exercise - August 2018

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