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KFOR donations after Charity Event

Pristina - The donation of material, purchased by KFOR HQ, took place today, June 13th, at the municipality of Peje / Pec. The funds for this donation were raised during a Charity Event that was held at the Camp Film City on June 16th.

Our soldiers have designed and implemented a charity event to raise funds to finance CIMIC (Civil Military Cooperation) projects in support of two local organizations.

The first donation was given to the Diabetes Association in Peje / Pec, which assists about 40 children and teenagers affected by diabetes.
Test strips (110 packages of "Accu Check Active Test" and 110 packages of "Accu Check Performa") and 32 packs of syringes were delivered, thanks to the generosity shown by  soldiers of the 28 nations present in KFOR who participated in numerous Charity events on June 16th.

To the donated material was added also the one provided by the "Young Diabetic Association of Modena - ONLUS"  which provided a generous donation of n.400 sterile needles for insulin pen, n.500  "Accu Check Aviva" test strips and n. 15 blood glucose measurement systems.

The second organization involved in the project is the "Women's Wellness Center-NGO", also in Peje / Pec, which deals with giving hospitality, protection and support to women victims of violence to whom children's playground equipments have been donated.

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