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KFOR donated specialized equipment for the Fire Brigade department of Leposavic

KFOR, after a request of the fire brigade department of Leposavic for specialized equipment, donated an inflatable boat with a driving engine and a compressor, as well as the firefighting boots for 35 firemen.

The length of IBAR River In the municipality of LEPOSAVIC is approximately forty (40) kilometres. It regularly floods in spring and autumn. The boat is necessary in the case of rescuing persons affected by the floods, in order to clean riverbeds and depositions around the pillars of the bridges or some other emergency situations.

The Deputy Commander of JRD North, Lieutenant-Colonel Robert VERLIC, stated that: "The firefighters are one of the most important partners here and only with good cooperation we can achieve results. KFOR as third responder will continue to support local Institutions by providing the necessary equipment because they are the first to respond in the case of major disasters. We are sure that this unit is able to cope with any disaster caused by nature or humans. This is not the end of KFOR assistance’’.

that: "We are honoured by this donation from KFOR. This is a very valuable donation, and it was necessity for this unit in order to achieve the best possible results on the ground. We hope that this boat will serve us for training purposes mostly, but also to help other municipalities when needed. I thank the KFOR unit and I hope this is not an end of their assistance”, the Director of the Emergency Situation Directorate, Slobodan BARAC, said.

Commander of the Fire Brigade department of Leposavic, Rade SIMIC, said that "This donation means a lot for us. The fact is that much more is needed, the equipment is very expensive, however any assistance is appreciated. I am expressing my great gratitude to the members of KFOR for this donation.’’

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