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Cuoci: It has been an honor to serve as KFOR Commander

Pristina - The 22nd Commander of KFOR, Major General Salvatore Cuoci today greeted his soldiers for the last time as their commander and conveyed the responsibilities to the 23rd COM KFOR, Major General Lorenzo D’Addario.

The Change of Command ceremony, held in Camp Film City, was attended by many distinguished guests. In front of Admiral James Foggo, Joint Force Command Naples Commander, Admiral Giuseppe Cavo Dragone, Italian Joint Operational Headquarter Commander and several other civilian, military, religious and diplomatic authorities, General Cuoci handed over the command of KFOR troops to General D’Addario.

The past twelve months were quite challenging. KFOR XXII acted impartially and proactively with enduring commitment and determination in order to ensure a safer environment for all people in Kosovo. The cooperation with local Institutions, International Community as well as with the military leaders of the countries in the region was one of the key factors that helped KFOR XXII achieve great results ant fulfil its mandate.

In his speech Admiral Foggo underlined the outstanding work done by General Cuoci in leading soldiers from 28 Nations with different cultures, ethnicities and ways of work. He praised his leadership qualities and emphasized his role in maintaining a really good relationship with all stakeholders acting in this area. KFOR, within the 22 nd round, confirmed to be a stability factor in the Western Balkans area, providing security and carrying on with building local capacities in order to ensure a better future for all people in Kosovo.

On the other hand, General Cuoci, addressing the troops, primarily thanked them for their great contribution in "making the twenty-second KFOR rotation a resounding success”. He also expressed his gratitude to the entire local and international representatives for their support during his mandate.

"It is with an immense sense of pride to know that KFOR is the most trustful international Institution here in Kosovo and if the Kosovo Force is so valued, it is because we always focused on putting the people of Kosovo first; working with the people and for all the people to improve their security and freedom of movement” COMKFOR Cuoci said.

KFOR, under the guide of the new Commander, General D’Addario, will continue to operate to make Kosovo a safer place, always focusing on the people, to provide a safer and more secure environment, so that the future generations could live in a peaceful, multi-ethnic, democratic and prosperous Kosovo.

Photos: flic.kr/s/aHsmwEVFxD
COMKFOR Change of Command 2018

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