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COMKFOR met the students of the University of Pristina in Mitrovica North

Pristina - General Cuoci was welcomed by the Rector, Professor Rade GRBIĆ, and after a short presentation of the University, he met some students and had a very interesting discussion with them.

The students addressed him several questions focused on the security situation Kosovo wide. General Cuoci, who was the first COMKFOR ever visiting the University in Mitrovica North, was very pleased in talking with the students showing his commitment towards the youth that represent the future of Kosovo.

Answering to all the concerns expressed by the students, General Cuoci ensured that KFOR is strictly committed in contributing to a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all citizens in Kosovo and the situation, after nineteen years, has improved a lot.

The students thanked General Cuoci for his visit and for the great opportunity they had to discuss directly with him. The rector, Professor GRBIĆ, expressed his deep appreciation to General Cuoci for his visit, a great occasion for the students of the University.

General Cuoci said that it's very important for KFOR to have contacts with the youth in Kosovo in order to know their point of view about the current situation. The young people have to take the challenge of the future in their hands and Comkfor ensured his "Enduring Commitment" in performing his mission and supporting the youth.

General Cuoci concluded stating that Kfor will not change its mission and will not reduce its troops in Kosovo, but the time of war is over and shaping the future is the real challenge. "Don't be slave of any narrative or rhetoric, think with your brain!" Comkfor said saluting the students at the end of the meeting.

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