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Admiral FOGGO III and General CUOCI visit in Mitrovica

Pristina - Today, Admiral FOGGO III, Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Naples, and Major General CUOCI, Commander of KFOR, went to Mitrovica and met with both Mayors, Mr. Agim Bahtiri and Mr. Goran Rakic.

The main bridge in Mitrovica has represented the symbol of a divided city but today, the visit of Admiral FOGGO III has shown that NATO remain committed to the security and stability of Kosovo, and that bridges do not divide but unite.

Commander of Allied Joint Force Command Naples, after crossing the main bridge together with General CUOCI and the Mayor of Mitrovica South, Mr. Agim Bahtiri, met the northern Mayor, Mr. Goran Rakic. They expressed their condolences to him on the loss of his father.

The presence of both Mayors of Mitrovica was very important because good relations are vital for cooperation and stability. This is particularly important in light of recent incidents, which has caused the people of Kosovo to be concerned about potential tensions. KFOR is always committed to preserve a safe and secure environment and guarantee freedom of movement for all citizens in Kosovo and it is performing its mission to ensure a better future, with special regards to the youth.
The time of conflict is over and bridges are actually among the most powerful symbols of communication, cooperation and harmony. They connect people, they open trading routes and they bring prosperity and tolerance.

Admiral FOGGO III expressed his deep appreciation to both mayors for their presence and ensured NATO support through KFOR in improving the relationship between North and South Mitrovica. He also thanked General CUOCI for what he is doing for the people of Kosovo and the future of the region, by KFOR showing an "Enduring Commitment” every day.

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