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Together we can make the future green

Pristina -  KFOR in cooperation with the "Bear Sanctuary Prishtina” organized a visit for children aged from 10 to 12 accompanied by their parents to the popular sanctuary in the vicinity of Gracanica Lake.

Mr. Afrim MAHMUTI, Director at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina who hosted the event addressed all those in attendance, saying "We are focused on making this place a room for everyone by using dialogue, peace education, artistic expressions, and advocacy. Kids are us, we need to be an example for them, how humans should be treated, and how animals should be treated, as this is our responsibility towards which we share the planet. Kids youth are the future and we want our future to be bright."

Together with the young people of Kosovo KFOR will continue to build bridges for the future by highlighting Kosovo excellences going through music, technology, the promotion of gender equality and the environment protection as well. COM KFOR, MG Giovanni FUNGO, remarked that through cooperation and effort at numerous levels of society everyone will be able to overcome differences and encouraged youth to build a better future for all the people of Kosovo.

The Youth of today are the future of Kosovo. Young people are full of strength, determination and energy, eager to build bridges that will connect future generations. KFOR, at all times is ready to provide support and assistance to ensure a secure future for the entire population of Kosovo.

In addition to having the unique experience of observing the magnificent Brown bears the children had a fulfilling day consisting of a workshop which gave them the opportunity to discuss nature, the environment, animals and education. This was followed by numerous games and music.
Bear Sanctuary Prishtina

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