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North Atlantic Council visited KFOR

PRISTINA - KFOR Commander, Major General Giovanni FUNGO, welcomed a delegation of the North Atlantic Council in KFOR format, led by the NATO Deputy Secretary General, H.E. Mrs. Rose GOTTEMOELLER, at KFOR HQ. The Chairman of the NATO Military Committee, Gen. Petr PAVEL, and the Commander of the Joint Force Command – Naples, Adm. James FOGGO, were in attendance as well.

H.E. Mrs. GOTTEMOELLER was briefed by COMKFOR on the improvement on the current situation in Kosovo and in the wider Western Balkans region. They underlined the importance of the commitment of KFOR in maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all people in Kosovo firmly, fairly and impartially.

Furthermore, during their visit, the NAC delegation and H.E. Mrs. Rose GOTTEMOELLER took part in several meetings with the Leaders of the International Organisations, namely UNMIK, EU, EULEX and OSCE, discussing about the importance of the stability in the Region. During the morning they met also the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team (NALT) Director, Brigadier General Ralf HOFFMANN and Mr. Rrustem BERISHA.

In the course of her press conference, Deputy Secretary General H.E. Mrs. Rose GOTTEMOELLER stated that "NATO’s commitment to KFOR remains a key element of our efforts to project stability in in this region.”

"KFOR will remain in Kosovo as long as it is necessary. We will not leave until our task is completed,” H.E. Mrs. GOTTEMOELLER added.

H.E. Mrs. GOTTEMOELLER had also the opportunity to hold bilateral meetings with Mr. Hashim THACI and Mr. Dalibor JEVTIC.

The North Atlantic Council is the principal political decision-making body within NATO, comprising the 29 NATO permanent representatives under the chairmanship of the Secretary General, Mr Jens STOLTENBERG. The visit foresees the presence of the North Atlantic Council and the non NATO KFOR contributing Nations permanent representatives. It brings together high-level representatives of each member States to discuss policy or operational questions requiring collective decisions.
For more photos: flic.kr/s/aHsm6BMxmD

North Atlantic Council visit to Kosovo (27 Oct 17)

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