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KTM conducted “Hunter Wolf 17-1” Exercise

PRISTINA - On March 23 and 24, the KFOR Tactical Reserve Manoeuvre Battalion (KTM) conducted the "Hunter Wolf 17-1” Exercise.

KTM, as COMKFOR’s Tactical Reserve (TACRES), is able to conduct any infantry task, including Crowd and Riot Control (CRC), either in support of other manoeuvre forces or as an independent operation. Although the focus of KTM training is CRC, this force has to be prepared to conduct other infantry tasks in order to accomplish its mission. Therefore, KTM planned to execute the Exercise "Hunter Wolf 17-1”, not only to practice and test its capabilities, but also to develop interoperability with other KFOR Units.

Included in the preparation and planning phase of the Exercise, the necessary coordination and meetings were conducted, including a rock drill on March 22 at Camp Slim Lines.

"Hunter Wolf 17-1” was focused on cordon and search operations against weapons smuggling activities. On the operation KTM performed the cordon and search on the main effort and with MNBG-E TF AVN providing the Air Lift and Air MEDEVAC assets. LUX and ITA Units provided support on the objective area before and during the cordon and search operation.

Troops from five nations within KFOR participated in this exercise, working side by side, in the planning and conduction of the activities, in an environment of high professionalism and comradeship, in which it was clear that with proper training the success can be achieved at the interoperability level.

Hunter Wolf 17-1 Exercise

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