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NALT Director Remarks (VIDEO & Trancript)

Brigadier General Dietmar MOSMANN 
NALT Director

Ladies and Gentlemen.

First I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here and represent the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team and NATO’s capacity building efforts in Kosovo.

As the Director of this last year established advisory team, I find we are but one of many teams through which NATO endeavours to enhance security and project stability in the Western Balkans.

Specifically within Kosovo, NATO continues to contribute to a safe and secure environment and the freedom of movement through KFOR, as just pointed out by General Fungo. Furthermore, the Alliance continues to support the development of the security organizations in Kosovo, namely through the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team.

The NALT was established on 24 August 2016 through the merger of two previously existing and complementary teams.

Our assistance and advice is clearly focused on the KSF within its current mandate and mission, but also reaching out to other security organisations in Kosovo that have an interaction with the MKSF or KSF. I will give you a very brief overview of the different fields of our mission to advise and support.

This is a busy slide, but it shows the focus areas and 15 main functions in which the NALT partners with our customers, the Ministry personnel and the service members of the KSF. The NALT is fully embedded in the work areas of our partners.

The functional areas are multi-dimensional, at all levels from the Ministry to the Force level, and are essential to the development of institutions. While our mission, as with all NATO engagements, is tailored to the environment in Kosovo, the principles of our engagement and these functional areas are a standardized approach within the NATO capacity building community.

In terms of capacity building and enhancing security, local ownership and the commitment to progress, is the true factor behind successful institutional development.

From my view as Director NALT, and our capacity building mission, I see our efforts to be complimentary with others.

As NALT we remain focused on the security forces, their professional development, sustainability, and interoperability within civil society.

Our counterparts focus on distinctly different issues such as good governance, public safety, rule of law, and justice. As such each of our organizations have their respective and yet complimentary approach towards promoting stability and enhancing security.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for your attention and am happy to answer any questions.

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