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Increasing of mutual understanding regarding roles, capabilities and capacities between the security institution in Kosovo in order to improve the safety level all over the country.

This is the goal of the "Kosovo Security Study Day” that is held in KFOR Camp Film City in Pristina today, 14th February.

The all day long meeting is involving KFOR, the NALT (NATO Advisory and Liaison Team) and the main security partners: EULEX (European Union Rule Of Law Mission In Kosovo); KP (Kosovo Police); KSF (Kosovo Security Forces). The agenda focuses on missions and joint procedures, starting from a general overview of security level in Kosovo.
The intent of COMKFOR, Major General Giovanni Fungo, is to "improve the understanding amongst institutions with regard to planning, procedures and information sharing”.

COMKFOR’s and NALT Director’s opening remarks are available on Facebook:www.facebook.com/NATOKFOR/.
The event can also be followed on twitter: twitter.com/NATO_KFOR

For further information, please contact:
Telephone: +389 2268 2761
Mobile: +386 049 750 190
Below you can find the translations in Albanian and Serbian:

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