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English Transcript

1. We are here today to further improve the mutual understanding regarding roles, capabilities and capacities related to security provider institutions in Kosovo, to refine the synchronization of efforts and to facilitate joint training activities.

2. Today’s event fits into the framework of those lines of cooperation recently identified by NATO SECGEN’s letter and visit to the Institutions in Kosovo.

3. Enhancing collaboration, liaison and communications, is key to success. The only way to become more effective in countering common security concerns like religious extremism, terrorism, illegal migration, organised crime and social unrest.

4. Nevertheless, security remains a complex subject. It embraces many fields that in the past where far from being part of it, requiring now a joint and comprehensive approach to properly tackle all of its aspects.

5. Training events, exercises, study days, bringing together all security providers, represent the good venue to harmonize tactics, techniques and procedures and to ensure better integration. The forthcoming iteration of Exercise Silver Sabre will be a further perfect opportunity to train ourselves and to test our preparation ahead of future challenges.

6. On the NATO side, KFOR and NALT, on different levels and areas of expertise, assist Kosovo Security Organizations in order to further enhance regional stability. However, NATO support in KSO capacity building (as well as interaction with Institutions in Kosovo) remains possible only within the current KSF mandate. Any deviation would impose a deep revision of KFOR and NALT contribution to all forms of support, cooperation and commitment.

7. Keeping this capstone concept in mind I renew my warmest welcome to all of you and I encourage you to have a fruitful and open discussion, being sure that this event will carry improvements to the mutual effort of provide Kosovo with a safer and more secure environment.

8. Joint training, information sharing, familiarization amongst Institutions. These are the key words that make KFOR motto a game changer.

9. Trust and Commitment. Let’s make it real!

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