KFOR MSU Change of Command

Sep 11, 2017
PRISTINA - Major General Giovanni FUNGO, KFOR Commander, presided over the Carabinieri Multinational Specialised Unit's Change of Command ceremony that took place in Pristina. The outgoing MSU Commander, Colonel Fabio CAGNAZZO handed over the command to the incoming Colonel Marco DI STEFANO.

In his speech MG FUNGO underlined Col. CAGNAZZO’s capability to lead his personnel to better support KFOR mission with high professionalism and expressed the gratitude for the outstanding performance and commitment in accomplishing all tasks throughout his mandate.

The KFOR Multinational Specialized Unit (MSU) is based in Pristina and is an element of COM KFOR’s forces. It is composed entirely of Italian Carabinieri. The MSU is a military unit composed of police forces with military status. It provides COM KFOR with a capability for security operations including criminal intelligence, crowd and riots control (CRC) as well as information gathering and assessment.

MSU Change of Command