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KFOR KTM’s exercise in Camp Vrelo

SLATINA, Kosovo. On March 3rd, KTM, the KFOR Tactical Reserve Maneuver Battalion, carried out the Exercise FOX 17-1 at Camp VRELO. 
This important training activity was aimed to achieve the full operational capability at the end of the hand over-take over between the incoming and the outgoing Hungarian Contingent.
COM KFOR, Major General Giovanni Fungo, opened the event stating that "KTM, as flexible and rapid deployable Unit, is essential to accomplish KFOR tasks within the mandate of the UNSC Resolution 1244 and to face any kind of eventuality Kosovo wide, as it happened in the past”.
The scenario was a simulated situation of public disorder in an urban area with barricades, creating significant Freedom of Movement problems. This provided a pragmatic and demanding operational environment to train and test KTM’s Command and Control procedures at tactical level and practice interoperability with other KFOR assets. Besides all KTM subunits, other KFOR assets were involved such as the Freedom of Movement Detachment, the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team, the Tactical Psychological Operations Team, and KFOR International Military Police.
At the end of the exercise, all Units involved achieved the goal of enhanced understanding of each other’s Standard Operational Procedures, equipment and capabilities. Moreover, the activity was a further confirmation of KFOR’s ability to operate together if called upon to respond to any operational situation.

KTM exercise at Camp Vrelo 03.03.2017

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