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KFOR held Gender Perspective Day 2017

PRISTINA, Kosovo – Gender Perspective Day 2017, organized by KFOR, was held on Thursday, June 1st, in "Sirius” Hotel in Pristina.

The aim of this event was to facilitate a platform for International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, KFOR and NATO as well as security organizations of Kosovo, to discuss gender related topics with focus on the "Gender Perspective in Security” and the "Young Generation of Kosovo”.

In his opening remarks, KFOR Commander, Major General Giovanni FUNGO, stated that the Gender Perspective Day 2017 gives a great chance: understand what is the better way to transform the difference into an added value. "The understanding of the social situation is a point of paramount effectiveness for the achievement of KFOR mission,” COMKFOR said.

Among many speakers and participants to this conference, the guest speech was delivered by Commander of NATO Joint Forces Command Naples, Admiral Michelle HOWARD. She emphasized that women’s education support the development of a country. Admiral HOWARD spoke about the efforts and accomplishments of women in the past and present, in Kosovo and elsewhere. "That is remarkable courage; it is this type of resilience and determination that is essential to real change,” she assessed.

KFOR’s dedication to the needs of the population, as well as other different stakeholders, including security organizations in Kosovo, is a proof of NATO’s interest and commitment in the region. 
Watch below speeches of COMKFOR and  Admiral HOWARD:

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