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Hungarian Contingent’s Change of Command

NOVO SELO, Kosovo.
The Hungarian Contingent's Change of Command ceremony took place on Saturday, March 4, in Camp Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny, Novo Selo.

The outgoing Hungarian Contingent's Commander Lt. Col. Zoltán Virág was succeeded by the incoming Lt. Col. Attila Budai.

KFOR Commander, Major General Giovanni Fungo, presided over the event.

During his speech, COMKFOR greeted all attendees and thanked Lt. Col. Zoltán Virág for the high professionalism of the Hungarian Contingent in accomplishing KFOR's mandate.

Moreover, Major General Giovanni Fungo praised all Hungarian soldiers, expressing satisfaction and deep appreciation for the excellent results achieved. COMKFOR finally welcomed the incoming commander, Lt. Col. Attila Budai, and wished him and his soldiers a successful tour of duty in Kosovo.

Hungarian Contingent's Change of Command 04.03.17

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