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HSG contribution to KFOR

HSG contribution

The everyday life and improvements in the Camp Film City in Pristina are followed step by step by Headquarters Support Group (HSG), a Unit that provides real life support to KFOR HQ and assigned facilities including Camp Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny, Camp Nothing Hill and Pristina Military Airport.

The projects followed in order to make the barracks more comfortable are numerous. The engineers section is the one that provides all the works regarding renovations and new construction of all the facilities supporting normal operations in KFOR such as accommodation, offices, recreation facilities, supporting facilities.
Also, maintenance contracts NMS (NATO Maintenance Contract) is being controlled by the HSG Quality Assurance Evaluators for architecture, civil engineering and electricity, which is daily maintenance of all life support elements in Camp Film City, APOD/RWDOB and Camp Nothing Hill (power, water, sewage, heating, cooling, custodial services, pest control, etc).
Two of many important aspects of real life support belong to the: Dining facilities, that provides approximately 10,000 meals per day for all KFOR troops; and to Billeting Services that takes care of laundry and accommodation for all troops in Camp Film City.
Also morale and welfare are important to ensure a good quality for the life of soldiers.
Inside HSG there is a section called MWA (Morale and Welfare Activities) that provides recreational facilities and activities for all contributing nations in KFOR, such as gym, language courses, cultural trips, summer festivals, military competitions, concessionaires, cinema and library, WIFI etc.
An important aspect of everyday life in KFOR is related to healthy living. The Camp Film City internal  Rol1 Hospital provides medical support for all KFOR troops and local and international staff, managed by Italian Military Medical Personnel.

Another task assigned to HSG is to protect Camp Film City against internal and external threats. Security is provided  through Greek and Armenian guards. Also, entering Camp Film City and APOD, all local civilians staff that are not part of KFOR are processed though HSG OPS offices.
HSG also provides fire protection and prevention services, vehicle hire, repair and maintenance and refueling of all vehicles and generators in Camp Film City, APOD and all VCN sites. HSG Facility Management and Warehouse provides furniture and other office and accommodation equipment for all the staff working and living in Camp Film City, APOD/RWDOB and Camp Nothing Hill.

And last but not least, HSG ID Card office manages all the formalities connected to in and out-processing for all KFOR staff and control over visiting staff including VIP guests.

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