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Chief of Staff Transfer of Authority

PRISTINA – Today COMKFOR, Major General Giovanni FUNGO, presided over the Chief of Staff Transfer of Authority ceremony in Camp Film City.

After a one-year tour, outgoing Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Patricia ANSLOW handed over her responsibility to Brigadier General Lawrence "Randy” POWELL.

Addressing the troops, COMKFOR highlighted the outstanding performance of the Chief of Staff, her professional qualities as balance and determination, her ability to look forward in order to prevent problems, anticipate the solutions and her outstanding commitment to KFOR.

"Thanks you all for friendship and partnership - said Brigadier General ANSLOW during her speech. "It has been a great opportunity to work with and learn more from all the Nation in KFOR”.

She thanked the staff underlining that the joined efforts helped KFOR in achieving some historic results, such as the first joint patrol with KP up to the ABL. "This will serve as a hallmark for other staffs to follow”.

Brigadier General Patricia ANSLOW was awarded with the NATO "non-article 5” peace-keeping medal by COM KFOR and with several NATO international medal for her commitment.

Incoming Chief of Staff, BG Lawrence Powell, previously served as KFOR 19 COS Military Assistant from 2015 to 2016.

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