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PRISTINA, Kosovo. Today, Kosovo Force Commander, Major General Guglielmo Luigi Miglietta, visited Gjilan Municipality and met the Mayor, Mr. Lufti Haziri, in the City Hall of the town.

During the meeting they discussed the current security situation in Kosovo with a specific focus on the eastern part of the region. The mayor expressed to KFOR Commander his appreciation and gratitude for the impartial and effective posture of KFOR in maintaining a safe and secure environment and freedom of movement for all the people of Kosovo.

During the meeting General Miglietta said that "KFOR is committed to working together with the local authorities and the International actors in order to improve the stabilization process”.

"KFOR’s mission remains unchanged”, General Miglietta concluded, "any future change to KFOR’s force posture will be based on careful analysis of the conditions on the ground”. General Miglietta periodically meets Kosovo stakeholders and KFOR troops on the ground as part of KFOR’s comprehensive approach to the mission.

During the visit Kosovo Force Commander met troops belonging to the Joint Regional Detachment (JRD) South, operating on the ground at the field office in Gjilane.

Such non-kinetic assets, are called Liaison and Monitoring Teams (LMTs), provide KFOR with a "situational awareness”, through a liaison activity with the local institutions, International Organizations and especially with the local population. They conduct daily monitoring activities in order to get the pulse of economic, social and political situation.

This kind of activity contributes significantly to improve the relationships among all the communities of the area but also to enhance KFOR’s credibility with the local population.

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